City of Britt, Iowa is the location of the annual National Hobo Convention. Misunderstood and mistreated, the wandering hobos have come to find understanding and friendship in Britt, Iowa. More »

Visit the official Hobo Website to learn all you can about hobos in America. Explore hobo culture, history, museums, foundations, and more. More »

Author and Tramp Art authority Clifford A. Wallach features his Folk Art in the Tramp Art Style gallery collection in books and shows across the U.S. More »

John Michael Kohler Arts Center is located in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, and exhibits a range of art forms including Adolph Vandertie's massive hobo and tramp art collection. More »

Singer/songwriter, ukulele player, and mouth-trumpet extraordinaire Victoria Vox is originally from Green Bay, WI. Her original song “Out on the Rails” was created specifically for Westbound and can be heard during the opening credits and on the soundtrack. More »

Writing original songs and performing on the Cigar Box Guitar, pat mAcdonald is featured on several songs from the Westbound soundtrack. A northeast Wisconsin native, his music career spans decades. More »

melaniejane is a singer/songwriter who has also pioneered the electric cello. Her original music, voice, and cello are all featured extensively on the Westbound soundtrack, oftentimes accompanied by her friend pat mAcdonald. More »

Musical soul mates Sam & Ruby create music that transcends genres and stays in the heart of the listener. The Associated Press rated their album The Here and the Now as #1 in 2009. Two Sam & Ruby songs are featured on the Westbound soundtrack. More »

Adam MacKintosh is a unique American songwriter born and raised in Fremont, CA. He spent three years writing music in Wisconsin with some of the best in the nation. His original song “Steamtrain” was created for the film and can be found on the soundtrack. More »

Jill Sobule is among a rare breed of artists, writing and performing music that tackles such topics as the death penalty, anorexia, the French resistance movement, and reproduction just to name a few. Her original song for the Westbound soundtrack is titled “Hobo Soup.” More »

Acclaimed as America's premier postclassical string quartet, Ethel, along with Jill Sobule, wrote music and words for the original Westbound song “Hobo Soup.” The quartet's inspiring performance of the song with Jill can be heard on the soundtrack. More »