The Journey of a Lifetime

A candid portrait of 96-year-old Adolph Vandertie, Grand Duke of the Hobos, and his final confessions of a life filled with joy, heartache, and addiction. Sweeping through the Great Depression, Westbound chronicles America’s downfall and return to being the strongest nation in the world. An iconic tale, Adolph struggles to achieve personal redemption by creating an astonishing collection of 4,000 hobo whimsies and tramp art carvings. This simple act of whittling found objects becomes a beacon of hope for one man while capturing the true spirit of America.

4 stars  (out of 4)
“Westbound is atmospheric. It sweeps through a man’s lifetime of want, wandering, woes and reluctantly accepted worth. ... a compelling documentary film.”
— Warren Gerds
Critic at Large, Gannett

“Westbound is rife with fascinating details about obscure folk art forms... (Adolph) Vandertie’s story and his body of work are compelling.”
— Noel Murray
The Onion A.V. Club

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11:27 pm Friday, April 29 on WPT
7:27 pm Saturday, April 30 on The Wisconsin Channel
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